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Ceritanya ini tentang pencatatan untuk menyimpan data fisik dan teks pada manuskrip.

Manuscript Preservation Task

Collection Condition Suryey
The Condition surveys examining the following:

  • Condition of paper
  • Condition of binding
  • Condition of boards/covers

These were graded on a scale of 0-2. In each category:

  • “0” indicates good condition.
  • “1” indicates moderate condition.
  • “2” indicates poor condition.

Figure 1
Survey Worksheet
Collection Survey (NL)
Date: December 3, 2008
Collection: Personal – Surveyor: Sinta Ridwan
Title: Serat Suluk Bangun Umah Mawi Kasekaraken
Sub: Dulyas Juru Tulis Mantem Ing Sura Kidul 1956

1 Paper 0
2 Binding 0
3 Boards/Covers 1

Notes: Paper is good condition; need no attention, still strong and clean. Binding is good condition; need no attention, and stitching intact. Covers are moderate conditions; covers show some evidence of deterioration, can still be use, but need some attention, and boards, joints, and spine damaged.

Description of Manuscripts Contents
Title: Serat Suluk Bangun Umah
Year: 1956

It has four stories, the main idea is talking about “tasawuf”. The descriptions are, firstly, conversation between father and son, Ki Grahita and Jaka Taruna chat about father’s home which is divided four parts; syariat, tariqat, hakikat and ma’rifat. Secondly, it describes the typical of traditional home in Cirebon. Thirdly, it tells about Lakon Bima Suci, inside the text is the conversation between Bima and Dewa Ruci about the meaning of life, and the perfect death “paran margining kasedan jati”. The last is talking about the description of traditional puppet (wayang).

Intellectuality of contents:

This manuscript is talking about tasawuf in home, this is imagined that our life have to have those parts such as a house. The parts of life on our personality have four particular of religion. In other words, if we want to feel enjoy the life, we have to make strong our believing.

Until now, I think only a few people who read this manuscript, because of the existence still in personality. But we can make this can be used for everyone with the presentation and interpretation of this manuscript and show the result to newspaper or some media.

This manuscript invites us to know more what the meaning of our life in this world. And it can be used for people who want to study of tasawuf.

Now, it can be very important, let’s see the condition at this moment, far from believing in God. So, it can be used to make deeper of our religion.

This manuscript is having good condition, so we can use it to learn, only for preparing the manuscript still good, we have to translate it into Indonesian and make the transliteration of letter. Make the copy of this manuscript in order to preservation of the manuscript existence. In addition, this way can save this manuscript from damaging by anything.

Ujungberung II, 4 December 2008

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